Red Rice Pasta

Di Grano Gluten-Free Red Rice Pasta is powered with Red Rice grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. This wholesome grain is naturally rich in Iron and Antioxidants that helps fight inflammation, protects you against life threatening diseases like cancer and keeps your heart happy and healthy. Its distinct red colour comes from Anthocyanin, a type of Antioxidant, also present in Raspberries, Red Cabbage and some flowers this antioxidant helps you fight off Iron deficiency. This guaranteed goodness also comes with great taste and texture that makes Di Grano Gluten-Free Red Rice Pasta versatile enough to compliment your favourite Pasta recipe.


  • Trying to eat healthy but sometimes I just can’t shake off the Craving for a Warm Steamy Bowl of Pasta. I was blown away that the pasta I was eating is made from Chickpeas, Red lentils and Moong beans among other pulses. My mom is happy, now that I am enjoying pulses regularly!

    Anurag Khanna, Delhi

  • You Must Try the Brown Rice & Maize Pasta! It's literally the same as regular pasta in taste, texture and cooking, without the gluten! And delivery was on time and packaging was very good so sealed properly. Highly recommended!

    Kritika Juneja, Chandigarh